Shore Pediatric Dental Group

Meet the Doctors

xWilliam H. Lieberman, D.D.S.

xChristine C. Henry, D.D.S.

xJill Alenier, D.D.S.

xKate Lieberman Siegler, D.D.S.

xMatthew Sones, D.MD

xAmy Truesdale, D.D.S.

Drs. Lieberman, Henry, Alenier, Lieberman Siegler, Sones and Truesdale are specialists who are dedicated to the oral health of children beginning at infancy. They are best qualified to deal with your child’s behavior, as well as guiding their dental growth and development. They will discuss a preventive home care program including brushing, flossing, diet control, and the importance of fluoride. They have had special training, allowing them to provide the most current and thorough treatment for a wide variety of children’s dental problems.


our staff!Our Hygiene Team

Our dental hygienists are the leaders in your child's prevention program. They will help to educate you and your child on oral hygiene and also help your child to develop and maintain good oral health habits. In addition, our wonderful pedriatic dental hygienists will help your child to understand the link between food and oral health. They also teach their patients how to brush and floss properly and self-check for potential oral health problems. Our hygienists are specialy trained to deal with the unique challenges and dental health issues that children present. They will help to ensure that Shore Pediatric is a positive, comfortable dental home for you and your child.

Our Dental Assistants Team

Our dental assistants are a hard working, compassionate, and caring team.  They are here to help your child have a positive, fun-filled experience during any treatment they may need.  They use a "Tell, Show, Do" technique to eliminate the art of surprise and put your child at ease.  The assistants use terminology that will help your child to be familiar with what steps are taken to complete his or her treatment.  They also speak to them using only child or teen-friendly terms to help eliminate any fear.  It is very gratifying to them when an anxious or frightened child leaves with a smile on their face.  Our dental assisting team takes it's job very seriously.  They are proud of the success they achieve with each and every child.

Our Front Desk Team

The Front Desk Team of Shore Pediatric Dental Group  is comprised of hard-working, knowledgable, and, most importantly, child-friendly individuals who take great pride in what they do.  They are here to help you schedule and confirm appointments, answer account questions, and, as a courtesy, help you to verify your insurance information and coverage.  Their main priority is ensuring that you and your child(ren) have a positive experience at each and every visit.


You may contact Shore Pediatric Dental group at either of our locations. Click here for directions.